Mission Statement / What we do

At Greenest Classroom, we recognize that our children are our greatest national treasure. We are committed to ensuring that today’s students become the socially and environmentally conscious, productive adults we will need to lead our future in the right direction. Through outreach and providing educators with age appropriate educational resources, we strive to increase the next generation’s awareness of important issues and broaden their horizons.

A major area of focus is on “going green”; conserving natural resources, minimizing pollution and protecting forests and wildlife. We believe that when children are taught about the environment through lesson plans and experience the earth’s splendor through fieldtrips, hands-on school projects and films, they gain an appreciation for the earth that continues into adulthood.

Greenest Classroom supports programs for teens at risk. These programs provide a safe space, a listening ear and invaluable guidence through after school activities, summer programs and mentoring. Additionally, we have created an innovative technical training program specially tailored for teens who struggle with traditional school subjects such as science and english. Teaching these teens how consumer electronics work and how to fix them builds their confidence by showing them that they can be good at something. Most importantly, the training teaches teens a valuable skill that opens up many possible career paths- from becoming an electrician to the IT industry.

During childhood, we form many of the impressions and attitudes we have for the rest of our lives. At Greenest Classroom, our goal is to provide educators with educational materials as well as to support and create programs that challenge children and teens to think about important issues, discover their strengths and become well adjusted adults.